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Excelsior Reader’s Theater Information for Better Together Auburn

Attached is the Cast List and the Script for the Readers Theater coming up. Please check for text messages regarding more information!


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Little Red Riding Hood…unplugged

March 2020


Brooke Culler and Mason Foote Hanzel and Gretal

The Nutcracker SM Graphic

This Nutcracker is the play version of the Ballet that is so famous.  

Pied Piper Cast Photo

Excelsior Arts Academy & Youth Theater presented the comedy THE PIED PIPER at the DeKalb Outdoor Theater  Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th.  This performance was part of the Outdoor Theater’s annual Pajamas in the Park night where the event focus is on younger kids. This production is possible due to a generous grant from the Auburn Arts Commission as well as a sponsorship from Auburn Glass Fabrication – Carlex Glass LLC.

THE PIED PIPER is the story of the town of Hamelin Germany overrun with rats who are eating everything including the townspeople’s clothing.  A stranger comes to town and tells the Mayor that he will rid the town of their problem if he will pay him one thousand guilders.  The Mayor agrees and the Pied Piper leads the rats from the town to the river where they drowned.  When the Pied Piper comes to collect, the Mayor backs out on the agreement and refuses to pay.  Several days later, the Pied Piper returns and leads all of the children of the town up into a mountain cave, never to be seen again.

Excelsior’s director of drama – Mary Kay Clark, directed her original adaptation of this story.  The Pied Piper features kids ages 8 to 22 years old from around the Northeast Indiana area.

Excelsior Arts Academy & Youth Theater is currently based at First Christian Church in Auburn Indiana.  Excelsior focuses on giving kids confidence and self assurance through the medium of theater.  The Arts Academy offers classes in drama, voice and stage movement in the spring and the fall.  As well, the Youth Theater stages 3 shows annually, two for ages 8 to 22 years old and one that is open to anyone of any age who enjoys performing on stage.

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