Theater Club

Theater Club currently on hiatus until Covid19 is contained.

It’s like Book Club for theater!

Available to all ages.  Each year the Excelsior Theater Club will make arrangements to visit at least four productions throughout the area.  We will visit a variety of production styles as well as a variety of theater/ company types.  From community theater to college productions or off-Broadway.  True to the ideals of Excelsior each play/musical that we attend will include a coffee session prior to the show date to discuss story/acting elements or history of the production.

Club participants will view all shows with a fresh new and exciting perspective.  Following each excursion, club members will have time for follow up discussion as well.

            Meet the cast opportunities, campus visits, or back stage experiences will be provided as often as possible for club members throughout the year.

            Club Membership is just $35 / series.  All Excelsior participants who have already paid their $35 Excelsior Registration (for any class, production, etc…) are automatically enrolled as members of Theater Club.

            Members will then  pay our group rate for each production individually as they choose to attend.  (Group rates may include transportation and/or food in some cases, but not always.)

Here’s the link to paying for Theater Club and Current Ticket Opportunity: