Excelsior comes to you

Our traveling groups are young people who perform around Northeast Indiana promoting Excelsior Arts Academy and Youth Theater.  Interested in Excelsior performing for your organization, club or activity? Excelsior has 2 traveling groups that perform throughout the community for different civic organizations and community events. They are our ambassadors to Northeast Indiana.

Excelsior 2 Go

Excelsior 2 Go bring their unique comedy to you. These kids ages 10 – 17 perform street theater as well as sketch comedy. They say that laughter is the best medicine – and these kids have the prescription you need.

Excelsior Singers

The Excelsior Singers. This group sings and dances a short musical program featuring songs that everyone enjoys. These high school age kids are perfect for your next group meeting or special dinner. This group always pleases.

If you’re interested in having entertainment at your event, please contact Kent at 260-413-3747 or kentdjohnson76@kentdjohnson

Excelsior Memorial Day 2019