Classes Fall Semester 2019

Our end of the semester performance 11/19.

Kids performaning

The Fisherman and his Wife by Janea Dahl


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Here is our finalized schedule for Fall semester 2019.


Fall semester – week of September 3rd through week of Oct 31.  Classes meet at First Christian Church 910 North Indiana Avenue in Auburn.  Each class varies in length and number of times they meet.  Please check the dates and times for each class.  Registration is a once per semester charge of $35 regardless of the number of classes taken.  Click on the registration form at the bottom of this page to enroll your student now.

Studio for Stage Movement

Intermediate Stage Movement – for students 8-14 years old  (grades 3-9)*.             $79        Instructor Alicia Smith.                                                                                                                       Classes meet Saturdays 10 am – noon on Oct 12th, 19th and 26th.                                      

Understanding how to control your body movement with an emphasis on the dancing of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  This class will culminate in a performance on Wednesday October 30th along with our Halloween plays.  Instructor will work with each student based on their skill set.

Studio for Drama

Little People Acting – for students 8 – 11 years old (grades 3-6) *.                                $129 Instructor – Mary Kay Clark                                                                                                      Classes meet 5:00 – 6:30  Monday & Wednesday Oct 2 – Oct 30

Students learn all about the stage while studying and rehearsing an actual play.  Great for beginners or for those who want to know more about theater.  Culminates in a performance on Wednesday October 30th.

Acting With a Small Group – for students age 12 – 22 (grades 7 on up)                       $129     Instructor – Kent Johnson                                                                                                                    Tuesdays 5:30-6:45  8 weeks – September 11th through October 30th.                                                                                                                                                                                            Students will study acting within a group situation while studying and rehearsing a Halloween play.  Class will culminate with a performance on October 30th.

Theater Tech for students ages 14 up (grades 8 up)                                                        $129    Instructor – Kent Johnson along with others                                                              Wednesdays 5:30-6:45 pm  8 weeks – September 12th through October 30th

Students will get hands on experience with building set, hanging and operating lights, operating a sound board, projection screen computer and sound effects.  Students will operate equipment for the October 30th performances by the theater and stage movement classes.

Directing Plays –  16-22 years old (grades 10 up)*.                                                             $79    Instructors –  Kent Johnson & Mary Kay Clark                                                                                  Saturdays 10- noon 3 weeks October 12th, 19th & 26th.


Understand how to approach a play through the eyes of a director.  Concepts in rehearsal schedules, motivating actors, coordinating lighting, projections & sound.

Individual Instruction

Studio for Voice

Voice – for students ages 14 – 22  Instructor – Nick Maloy

Individual instruction for those students who wish to develop their singing voice and gain confidence performing for others.  Must audition and be pre-approved.  Student & Instructor determine day and time.

Acting – for students ages 12-22   Instructor – Kent Johnson

Individual instruction for those students who wish to develop acting techniques and gain confidence through monologues.  Student & Instructor determine day and time.

Stage Movement – for students ages 8 – 22.

Individual instruction for those students who wish to develop stage movement techniques and gain confidence performing for others.  Must audition and be pre-approved.  Students & Instructor determine day and time.

*All ages are approximate.  Some older students may be more comfortable in classes that are listed as younger than their age.  As well, instructors may choose to place younger students in a more advanced class.

We will do payment plans and we do have scholarships available for those who need help financially.   Contact Kent Johnson for details.

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